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Hasbro The Slow-Motion Race Game
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Ready, set, slow! It's a race to the finish with a really unusual twist. The Slow-Motion Race Game is a laugh-out-loud race to the finish line. To play the game, 2 kids put on the speed-monitoring headbands. Then they press the button, listen for the music, and race to the trophy in slow motion. Don't go too fast because the headband will buzz. If it does, a player has to freeze until the buzzing stops. Kids can boost the hilarity by pumping their arms as if they're running during the race. The first player to grab the trophy, wins. Includes 2 speed-monitoring headbands and trophy-shaped game rules. Fun and Different Family Game: In The Slow-Motion Race Game, players race to the trophy in slow motion; players aim to get to the finish line first by going slow Ready, Set, Race: When the music starts, go in slow motion; players can up the fun by pumping their arms as if they're actually running during the race Avoid Setting Off The Buzzer: Music is played from the 2 speed-monitoring headbands included in the game; going too fast makes a headband light up and buzz. Freeze in place until the buzzing stops Go Slow to Win: The first player to get to the trophy first, wins; the game instructions are in the shape of a trophy; set it up before playing the game Play It with Family or Friends: The Slow-Motion Race Game is fun for adults and kids alike; for ages 8 and up Suitable Age: 8+ Number of Players: 2

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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Home U...
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The main purpose of this study is design and implementation of Intelligent home system using GSM network. This system consists of two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part consists of many units, mobile phones, computers, smart card readers, temperature, gas, motion and rain sensors, a GSM module, a 9V charger, a Microcontroller, an SDRAM module and a buzzer alarm. The software part It is the GUI of the system and is built in the VB environment. The software is connected to hardware devices through USB ports. Moreover, it works to control and monitoring this system from the computer. The software consist of three parts: sensors reading values, electronic devices turning other devices on/off and real-time reading for monitoring instructions from the USB port.

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