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Designing of Accident Avoidance Application in ...
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With the ever increasing population of the world, increase the accidents at an alarming rate. Accidents are the most uninvited and unintentional miss-happening that causes a lot of injury and loss to human life. So there is an urgent need to stop these accidents to save mankind from destruction. Deaths by accidents have increased and have become the second largest reason for death in the world. Keeping in mind the current status of accidents, a working hardware prototype has been proposed along with android based application to avoid road accident. A technique has been suggested where collision of vehicles can be avoided by alerting the driver with a buzzer and a message. Position of the approaching vehicles can be seen on an android application installed on a mobile device that aims to depict the exact location of the vehicles on Google map This whole proposed method is different from other methods as the methods that have been invented until date are mostly in-built techniques while the method proposed here is a prototype that can be implemented in real world.

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