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Today vehicle theft rate is very high, greater challenges are coming from thieves thus alarming systems are being easily deployed with an increasingly popularity. There are lots of security systems developed for vehicle, right from Mechanical door Lock, buzzer system and code locking system. Not only anti theft system demand is increasing, but also performance requirement is higher and higher. Traditional automotive security systems like smart cards, tokens and passwords prevent the vehicles from loss but they depend only on data given to the system and provide no information about the person who is accessing. The given security system for vehicles not only prevents them from loss but also provide useful information of the thief. It performs the real time user authentication (driver, who starts the car engine) using face recognition. According to the comparison result (authentic or not), ARM processor triggers certain actions. If the result is not authentic, the ARM produce signal that will lock the entire vehicle and inform the owner about the unauthorized access via MMS with an image of the thief. It hence deters thieves from committing the theft act.

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