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A Buzz in the Meadow: Dave Goulson

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Central Park is perhaps the most well-trod and familiar green space in the country. It is both a refuge from the city and Manhattan´s very heart; a respite from the urban grind and a hive of activity all its own. Eight hundred forty-three carefully planned acres allow some 37 million visitors each year to come and get lost in a sense of nature. Unsurprisingly, the park also inspires a wealth of great writing, and here Andrew Blauner collects some of the finest fiction and nonfiction - 20 pieces in all, with classics sprinkled among 13 new ones commissioned from great New York writers. Bill Buford spends a wild night in the park; Jonathan Safran Foer envisions it as a tiny, transplanted piece of a mythical Sixth Borough; and Marie Winn answers definitively Holden Caulfield´s question of where the ducks go when the park´s ponds freeze over. There are bird sightings and fish sightings; Jackie Kennedy and James Brown sightings; and pieces by Colson Whitehead, Paul Auster, and Francine Prose. This vibrant collection presents Central Park in all its many-faceted glory, a 51-block swath of special magic. Introduction ©2012 by Adrian Benepe. Epilogue ©2012 by Doug Blonsky. ´´Negative Space´´ ©2012 by Thomas Beller, ´´The Goodbye´´ ©2012 by Buzz Bissinger, ´´My Little Bit of Country´´ ©2012 by Susan Cheever, ´´Goodnight Moon´´ ©2012 by Ben Dolnick, ´´Beastie´´ ©2012 by Brooks Hansen, ´´Framed in Silver´´ ©2012 by Mark Helprin, ´´Carp in the Park´´ ©2012 by David Michaelis, ´´Some Music in the Park´´ ©2012 by Francine Prose, ´´Squawkeye and Gang on the Dendur Plateau´´ ©2012 by Nathaniel Rich, ´´The Meadow´´ ©2012 by John Burnham Schwartz, ´´Sunday in the Park with Mother´´ ©2012 by Susan Sheehan, ´´The Hidden Life´´ ©2012 by Alee Wilkinson. Excerpts from Moon Palace, ©1989 by Paul Auster, from Through the Children´s Gate, ©2006 by Adam Gopnik, from The Falconer of Central Park, ©1984 by Donald Knowler, from The Colossus of New York, �... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jennifer Van Dyck, L. J. Ganser, Edoardo Ballerini, Scott Aiello, Jonathan Davis, Steven Crossley, Jeff Woodman, Adrian Benepe. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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